Here’s to Your Health with Dr. Drew is an innovative, informative and entertaining new National Television Series. Dr. Drew Pinsky introduces us to the most important ideas in the new era of health and medicine. From the latest medical breakthroughs to simple home health solutions, Dr. Drew discusses it all with leading experts. Here’s to Your Health with Dr. Drew topics are timely and compelling, including brain health, emotional resilience, vitality and aging, super foods for cancer prevention, and the “magic pill” of exercise. The program also informs us about the role each of us play in creating a healthier life and world. Dr. Drew brings his insight and knowledge to each episode as he presents a truly global picture of health practices, both new and time-tested.

Our field correspondents travel the globe to capture stories in their best environment while interacting with Dr. Drew in our Los Angeles Studio. Our guests include major celebrities and health experts, corporate leaders and everyday families at home. Together we’ll explore health practices and possibilities as well as the science that separates speculation, quackery, wishful thinking, and facts. As one of the world’s most recognized leading authorities on health and wellness, Dr. Drew takes the programs viewers on an adventurous journey through the world of health as we know it and the breakthroughs that lie just ahead.


  • The Mind Body Connection – Good Medicine

  • Boost Your Brain Health

  • Sex and Relationships; Rekindling the Spark

  • Financial Health; Planning Your Financial Future

  • Be Your Family’s Health Coach

  • Eating Your Way to a Healthy, Disease-Free Life

  • Longevity; Living Better Longer

  • Heart Health – Prevention, Awareness and Treatments 

  • Who’s Got Time for Health?

  • Convenient, Healthy Meals at Home

  • Parenting for Good Health

  • Overcoming Depression; Let’s Get Moving!

  • Addiction; Let’s Kick the Habit!

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“Here’s to Your Health!” with Dr. Drew…